A Daytona Beach man lost part of his hand when a firework he was holding exploded, according to Deland police.

Police said Jeromy Davis, 44, had "what appeared to be a piece of his hand/fingers missing."

According to a report, police were called to a motel, where Davis and a woman were. A towel was wrapped around his hand. He was airlifted to Orlando Regional Medical Center for treatment.

The woman who was with him said they had heard an object "go off" and that Davis grabbed the object and it suddenly exploded.

Police, however, said there were inconsistencies with the story.

Police found a trail of blood leading from the hotel to a nearby Dunkin Donuts drive-thru, where the debris of an exploded firework was found.

Surveillance video from the Dunkin Donuts showed Davis holding a firecracker before there were two flashes of light, police said.