With Puerto Rico devastated and its infrastructure smashed by Hurricane Maria, thousands are trying to leave the island. And many more are expected to, with time.

We've been working to find what our state is doing to get ready for a mass emergency migration.

We contacted FEMA. When they got back to us, they said any emergency housing would be something the state would handle and coordinate with the entire East Coast region.

So we also contacted Florida Emergency Management and specifically asked:

  • What preparations are being made for a potential influx of Puerto Rican refugees due to Hurricane Maria?
  • Is emergency housing being considered for those who need it if they are able to escape the island and come to Florida?
  • Is emergency transportation for those affected being considered?

We can't tell you, because after responding to the first email, they didn't get back to us.

So there's a lot of talk about helping get supplies in through Florida ports, but nothing of the massive migration we can expect soon.

A map shows showing the places Hurricane Katrina victims escaped to and filed FEMA claims from shows the majority stayed close to their homes, in Louisiana and Florida.

So just think of how many people from Puerto Rico will be coming to Florida when they can.

There needs to be a plan. We'll stay on top of it for you.

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