JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A man who was described as 'mentally ill' entered a car dealership and threatened to kill people if he was not given a car, according to CBS affiliate ActionNewsJax.

The man also said that he would shoot all employees of the Keith Pierson Toyota dealership on November 17 after approaching the front desk and claiming that he was "Satan, Jesus and God."

A salesperson told CBS 47 reporter Jenna Bourne the man would kill "all gay people" to "make sure they were gone from the Earth."

The threats were serious enough that all employees were moved to a locked location.

While the suspect was purported to be armed, Jacksonville Sheriff's Office did not discover a weapon when the man was arrested later that day.

The owners of the dealership reported a long response time by deputies. CBS 47 reported that it took authorities nearly 30 minutes to arrive following the initial 911 call.