A young boy was able to call 911 after he found his mother passed out in a bathroom at Wendy's with a syringe in her arm, according to WPEC.

According to police, Amanda Levine, 26, had told her 6-year-old son that she went to the restaurant to collect some money she was owed. At one point, she told him that she needed to use the bathroom. He then went to check on her.

He crawled under a bathroom stall door and found her with a needle in her arm and her pants pulled down.

The Wendy's manager believes Levine overdosed on heroin, and said the boy was brave to make the 911 call.

She has been charged with child neglect.

We've reported on stories like this before. Back in October, an Indiana woman was found unconscious with a baby on her lap. And earlier this year, a couple was found passed in a car with their toddler child in the back seat.