MIAMI -- A suicidal woman in the Florida Keys led police to the body of an infant in a freezer about 100 miles south in Homestead, CBS Miami reports.


On Sunday, Monroe County Sheriff's deputies responded to the Seven Mile Bridge, where a woman was reportedly threatening to kill herself, according to the station.

She told deputies she had taken rat poison, according to the sheriff's office.

When authorities saw a car seat in her vehicle they began asking her where the child was, sheriff's spokeswoman Becky Herrin said.

At first, the woman said she had thrown her baby in the water. After the Coast Guard and Florida Fish and Wildlife were contacted to begin a search, she changed her story and said the baby was with relatives, CBS Miami reported.

When they asked for specifics, authorities said the woman changed her story again.

"Finally she told them that her baby was in a freezer at a house in Homestead," said Herrin. "So we called the Homestead police, they went to that location and indeed found the baby in the freezer."

The baby appeared to be about 4 months old, authorities said.

The woman was taken to Jackson Memorial for treatment and psychological observation. The medical examiner's report on the cause and manner of the child's death has not yet been released and no charges have been filed.