Logan Mott, the Florida teen accused of killing his grandmother, has waived his right to an extradition hearing and will return to Florida to face murder charges.

His grandma, 53-year-old Kristina French, was found dead and buried in Neptune Beach, Fla., last week.

We learned new information from prosecution Wednesday morning that she was found with a gun shot and multiple stab wounds.

On Wednesday, the teen's defense attorney, Dominic Saraceno talked about the details surrounding the grandmother's death. "I don't think it does anything to his case," Saraceno explained. "It doesn't prove he did anything. There's no motive. There's no confession."

Also revealed in court Wednesday morning was that three fire arms were allegedly found in the car that Logan Mott was stopped in when he tried to make a U-turn on the Peace Bridge Friday.

These firearms, prosecution said, belonged to Mott's father who is a law enforcement officer in Florida.

Prosecution said a knife, with what looked to be blood, was also allegedly discovered in the car.