A Jacksonville woman, apparently high on heroin, crashed in to the Mercy Fellowship Church on St. Johns Bluff Road on Aug. 4 with two children in the back seat of the vehicle, officials said.

Brittany Motter, 22, was observed driving erratically before she pulled into the church parking lot.

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office dispatched an officer to the scene, and when the officer arrived, he witnessed Motter's green Kia Sorrento circling the parking lot before crashing through a fence and into the church building.

The JSO officer requested assistance from the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department when he found Motter unresponsive behind the wheel.

Two toddlers were in the back seat of the car and appeared to be upset but unhurt, according to JSO.

Narcan was used on Motter, who instantly became responsive and combative with paramedics. She was transported UF Health.

The JSO officer stated that he overheard Motter tell JFRD that she had used heroin that day, and she was again overheard telling a nurse at the hospital that she apparently overdosed.

When questioned by JSO about the crash, Motter said she wasn't able to remember what happened.

The JSO officer noted in the report that Motter never asked about the location or condition of the children.

Motter is being charged with careless driving, operating a vehicle with an expired registration, failure to provide proof of insurance, unknowingly operating a vehicle with a suspended license, child neglect, and driving under the influence of a chemical substance accompanied by minor(s).