If you haven't heard by now, it was snowing in Florida today. Yes, real snow.

It's all because of something called a bomb cyclone or what many refer to as “winter hurricanes.” It just so happens one of those bomb cyclones is dealing a chilly blow to the Southeastern United States making Floridians marvel at the rare sight of snow.

The downside is “snow” is not something we're prepared for.

We spoke to a family who recently moved to the Tampa Bay area from Alaska to get their perspective.

Looking through family photos, Amy Schick likes reminiscing of her time in Alaska.

“We really enjoyed our time there. There was a river behind our house and we'd watch the Iditarod. We were so close we could high five the dog sled teams.”

She has lots of fun memories.

“When the temperatures drop really low, you could see the moisture is in the air and it's like driving through glitter. It really is like living in a snow globe. It's beautiful.”

The Schicks have fond memories of Alaska -- but not of the cold.

One thing she doesn't miss is the cold. That's why our recent cold snap in Florida is taking her by surprise.

“I'm taking out all our winter clothes. Now I'm wearing turtlenecks and down jackets. It's crazy,” she said.

When she and her family traded snowboards for flip-flops, moving to Tampa for her husband's job as a U.S. Army major, it took time to get acclimated to the weather.

“The kids were miserable. I just thought, 'Who lives in this kind of heat?'”

One of her passions is gardening. If it gets colder she's worried her tropical plants won't survive.

“Look at the damage on the petals,” she said showing us some of her flowers. “That's got to be from this cold weather.”

It's too cold for Tropical Hibiscus in Alaska, but perfect weather for ice hockey, where Amy would often watch her kid's outdoor games.

“There was this one game where it was I think like negative 25 degrees in the ice rink and my husband had our youngest daughter all bundled up underneath her hockey gear.”

Now her kids play hockey indoors. A welcomed change.

While much of the U.S. is in a deep freeze, Schick says she'll stick to looking at pictures of their fun times in Alaska. She hopes for warmer days soon.

“Why did I complain about 85 degrees in October, when now it's like, ok, I'm done with this cold. I'm ready for it to be warm again.”