SARASOTA, Fla. -- A former Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office deputy gets his bond on attempted murder charges reduced but has more charges added against him.

The sheriff’s office released video of Frankie Bybee using the victim’s band and credit card at ATMs and stores at least a dozen times between Sarasota and Manatee counties.

The charges didn’t hurt Bybee’s bond hearing today. A judge reduced his bail to a $250,000 from $900,000 for the attempted murder of 79-year-old Marcia Sohl last month.

State prosecutor Karen Faraivllig says Sohl’s attempted murder was premeditated she points out to two fraudulent emails.

Detective Eric Wedin testified both email’s IP address originated from Bybee’s IP account at his home.

The state says two emails were fraudulent sent on behalf of the victim -- including a suicide note to her doctor that had her committed against her will.

“That left her more vulnerable of Frankie Bybee,” says Faraivllig.

“Those 2 emails were deliberately composed to taint the character of Marcia Sohl so Frankie Bybee would be liked and seen as a hero. Where instead he tried to kill to exploit 79-year-old woman,” says Faraivllig.

Defense attorney Charles Britt challenged the state’s own digital forensics expert after Bybee’s wife read the IP address off a computer her son used at the house belonging to his friend. The IP address from the emails and her home didn’t match.

Britt told the judge, “It wasn’t my intent to try the entire case here, but giving the court an idea that this case might not be what it’s cracked up to be. There are issues with the character in this case and evidence in this case.”

Also, a recent internal affairs investigation by the sheriff's office found Bybee had an illicit affair on and off duty with a woman who paid him $100,000 for sexual acts.