School's out for summer, and for some teens that means turning to trouble.

Parents in FishHawk are using Facebook to warn people about a dangerous trend: teenagers on bicycles, swerving down streets, playing chicken with cars and then posting it all on social media.

Neighbors say something needs to be done to put the brakes on these bold bikers.

FishHawk teens are recording their tricks on their bikes and showing it off on Instagram.

“Yeah, that's really scary. That's really, really scary,” says mother Carissa Logan.

The video shows the teens popping wheelies in the middle of the road.

“Oh wow! They're in like the opposite lane,” says 16-year-old Alex Ordonez.

They also drive right at cars. “It's very dangerous,” says mother Vijaya Lakshmi.

One driver took her frustrations to Facebook:

I encountered a situation on Friday at 4:55pm in front of Fishhawk Creek Elementary, not only had it upset me; however, it really shook me up. I waited to write this so my emotions wouldn't get too much in the way.

As I was driving down Dorman Road, the teenagers in the photos (I will not post their faces) were riding their bikes in the middle of the road swaying in between cars and ended up coming on my side doing wheelies and jumps riding at decent speeds towards the front of my car (HEAD ON) staring at me through my windshield like playing a game of "chicken". I had to come to a hault in fear of hitting one of these kids swaying in the middle of the road and the daring one coming at my car on one wheel. He came so close to my car all can I say is heart attack. I stepped out of my vehicle to yell at them and they just laughed and threw me the finger. Super.

What upset me the most was what if the kid slipped or lost control and I hit him or I didn't stop? Both of our lives would be changed forever. These teenagers were so disrespectful like I've never seen before. Very sad and hoping they can learn a life lesson about safety, intimidating others, respect, and anything else that may need to be addressed.

It was a very scary and an unsafe situation. As I turned around to take the photos, the kids all knew exactly what to do - hide their face with a handkerchief or shirt and give the finger and curse, so it doesn't appear to be their first time. Again, super.

If this is "kids just being kids" playing a game of chicken in traffic, then this isn't cool.

It's over and done with I just don't want anyone else to encounter what I did recently.

“It's not just dangerous for them, it's dangerous for other drivers, because people have to avoid them. They could really get hurt. That's crazy,” says Ordonez.

“I don't see what's so wrong about that, if they get hit it's their fault,” says 15-year-old Jason Dockray.

“I don't play chicken with cars. I ride BMX bikes. I don't do stuff like that with cars. It's disrespectful,” says 15-year-old Brandon Heid.

Drivers say it's time for the teens to be punished before someone gets hurt.

“I think it's parents, but I also think the deputies would scare the children more than the parents could. If we could have a bunch of deputies around, it would probably keep them from doing it,” says Logan.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office says drivers have to make an official complaint, so deputies know about the problem. Then, they have to catch the bikers behaving badly in order to give them a ticket. They prefer to find the kids and talk to their parents to try to put a stop to this potentially dangerous riding.

HCSO tells 10News that community resource deputies are watching the videos, and if they recognize any of the teens they will be talking with them about safety.

In New York, police have arrested teen free-wheelers for reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct and confiscated their expensive bikes for irritating drivers.

Outraged neighbors near Orlando have called St. Cloud police some 200 times in 2 months on teens blocking the roads, riding between cars at lights, and coming close to people walking into a store.

“They just want attention that's all it is. They just want people to give them some likes,” says Ordonez.

FishHawk drivers say they dislike this riding and fear they'll have to live with hitting someone.

“The guilt of such a horrible incident, the tragedy,” says Logan.

If biker does get hit, HCSO says it's investigated like any other traffic crash and deputies will determine if the driver or the biker is to blame.

Since 10News reached out to the teens Friday morning, they've taken down the video and posted this message on Instagram: "Everyone needs to chill. We were just having fun and yes it went to (sic) far and we are sorry for that. We are going to be hiding for a while (sic)."