Thomas Katsikas' specialty in the Marines was artillery. Decades after being honorably discharged, a letter about his retirement has left him shellshocked.

"They say I owe $102,618," Katsikas said.

The letter from the Office of Personnel Management says Katsikas owes that because of nearly a decade's worth of social security award overpayments.

Katsikas is being forced to pay it back in monthly installments, taken out of his retirement.

"425 installments, which comes out to about 35 years," Katsikas said. "I'm going to be in my eighties by the time this is all going to be paid off."

He immediately reached out to the Social Security Administration to try and clear this up. In a letter, the SSA states "As of this date you do not have an overpayment on your social security."

"I think it's a major clerical error. This is just astronomical," Katsikas said.

Congressman Gus Bilirakis' office has sent Katsikas that they are looking into this after he asked for help.

Either the OPM is correcting a decade of mistakes or making one big one.