TAMPA -- Loose gravel spilling from an unknown truck caused a three-vehicle crash on the Lee Roy Selmon Expressway northbound connector to eastbound Interstate 4 and shut the roadway down for hours Tuesday.

Florida Highway Patrol reported that all three drivers lost control of their vehicles on the loose surface and crashed into the barrier wall.

One driver who exited his vehicle was seriously injured when one of the crashing cars collided with him and knocked from the elevated roadway and onto the ground 33 feet below.

The crash occurred at 9:23 a.m. when a truck hauling gravel approached the ramp to the northbound connector to eastbound Interstate 4. FHP said a large amount of gravel from the truck spilled onto the roadway.

FHP trooper Sgt. Steve Gaskins posted images of the crash on his Twitter account.

Three drivers headed northbound: Irene Blitch, 56, William Swartz, 24 and Dorothy Moore, 66, all of Tampa, each lost control. Blitch was the first to crash into the wall. Swartz crashed his car shortly after.

FHP said that Swartz left his car to survey the damage just before Moore lost control. Moore's car crashed into Swartz's car and Swartz himself. Swartz was sent over the roadway barrier and onto the ground.

He was seriously injured due to the fall and was transported to Tampa General Hospital. Neither Blitch nor Moore were injured in the crash.

Contact FHP at 813-631-4020 if you have information about the truck that spilled the gravel.