LARGO, FL – It was a random act of kindness that seemed to touch everyone who heard about it.

In August, we shared the inspiring story of Richard Newberry and his gift that changed a woman's life.

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Every day, he saw Ernestina Nuñez walking to work and decided to give her a $600 car for free. What he didn't know was that Ernestina had recently lost her son, a former marine with PTSD, to suicide.

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Three months later, Ernestina now has a new smile and a new place to call her own.

Thanks to Richard and the kindness of strangers, she was able to purchase a mobile home in Largo, equipped with furniture, frames and accessories.

“I'm thankful to everybody that had thrown a hand in to me and helped me out,” she said.

But, even her new life is painful without her best friend.

“I would give everything...everything to have my son back, but I know this is God's will and I'm supposed to move on,” she said.

“But, every day, I miss him more and more.”

No material can heal the wounds of losing a child. But, love from others can help patch it.

Ernestina is not only thankful for Richard but also another friend becoming like family to her. A former co-worker, Angela Lemaster, invited her over for Thanksgiving.

“She makes an impact on everybody she comes across and she's just so loving. I wanted her to be a part of a family, her family is not here,” Lemaster said.

And now Ernestina has another car to her name. The former owner had hoped to sell it and donate the money to help her. But, instead Ernestina was able to keep it and now pass her blessing on to another in need.

“I'm paying it forward. Richard said to me, 'why didn't you sell the car when you needed the money?' And, I said 'no, because the car was given to me and I will give it to somebody that needs it to',” she said.

Ernestina still has a lot of healing to do, but she won't be alone with many watching over her.