ST. PETERSBURG — At least 59 people are dead, nearly 10 times that number wounded because of one man with guns.

You probably heard President Trump and some members of his White House offer thoughts and prayers to people who were killed and hurt

But after being asked no fewer than five times in 10 minutes what steps the president and Congress should take to prevent gun violence like this from happening, the White House said now is not the time to discuss solutions.

It's not clear if the president wants that day to come. This is what he said after the now second worst mass shooting in U.S. history at Orlando's Pulse nightclub just over a year ago.

“You put me in there, we're going to save that second amendment, we're going to save your guns. They're not going to take away your bullets,” Trump said at a campaign rally.

So - what is there to do? Kentucky's Republican governor Matt Bevin says "you can't regulate evil."

Are you OK with the answer being - let's not talk about this and there's nothing to do?

Not everyone thinks so.

There are a lot of questions still about what specific new legislation could help prevent this from happening again.

But there's a bill making its way through Congress now that would make it easier for people to buy silencers.

A former ATF official I spoke with tonight said a silencer would have made this tragedy even worse.

Because it would have been harder for law enforcement to see the muzzle flashes and find the shooter.

You could tell your members of Congress you're against that bill.

Whatever you think about the second amendment, it's pretty clear a "good guy with a gun" may not have been able to stop the shooter raining bullets from far away and high above.

The question is what do you want to do about it?