TAMPA, Fla. - Go Skateboarding Day is held each year on June 21.

Boards for Bros is a non-profit organization that provides equipment, safe skating spots and youth mentoring.

The Tampa-based organization collects gently used boards and refurbishes them.

A skateboard can be a mode of transportation and it can be great exercise. Skateboarders also make up a tight-knit community.

“It makes it easier to make friends, and it’s a communal and social activity,” said Boards For Bros Executive Director Michelle Box.

The organization has expanded from Tampa and now has chapters in North Carolina, New Jersey and California. In the Tampa Bay area, the organization plans to hand out 300 skateboards this year

Boards for Bros hopes to distribute 1,000 skateboards total at their three locations.

Happy Go Skate Day! 4:00 am start - thanks to 10 News and @s_streicher for being the best reporter ever!

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