TAMPA, Fla. (WTSP) -- A bullet that goes up, must come down—and for this reason, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office is using gunfire detection technology to crack down on celebratory gunfire this Independence Day.

"No good comes from firing a firearm outside or up in the air,” said Major David Fleet. “Even if you think you're not shooting directly at somebody, that bullet's going to come down somewhere and it's going to most likely affect somebody. And we just can't have that. It's too dangerous."

This holiday, officials with HCSO will review data from previous years to monitor areas where gunfire tends to spike. Fleet says the effort, combined with increased patrols and use of the department’s ShotSpotter technology, will hopefully help them quickly find and apprehend those who break the law.

ShotSpotter works by using a system of strategically-placed sensors capable of accurately pinpointing when and where shots were fired. Deputies are notified within seconds, allowing them to decrease response time.

“By letting people know that we have [ShotSpotter], and we are watching and listening for gunfire out there, maybe it prevents somebody from going out in their front yard and firing their firearm,” Fleet said.

HCSO has more than 80 ShotSpotter sensors and uses roughly 130 surveillance cameras to monitor crime across the county.

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