CLEARWATER -- The man accused of driving off after hitting and killing a teenaged girl is defending himself, while the girl's family is still torn apart by grief.

Nikolaos Konstantinou, 56, said he didn't know he hit and killed 17-year-old Ashley Perdomo until police showed up at his house Thursday.

The deadly crash happened Wednesday night, near the intersection of Hillsborough Avenue and Blue Springs Drive as Ashley was walking home from work.

10News tracked down Konstantinou and he didn't hold back on sharing his side of the story.

Here’s an excerpt of the conversation:

Konstantinou: “I didn't see nothing."

Reporter: "You didn't think to stop?

Konstantinou: "Well, I stopped two blocks away to see what was going on and it was dark, so I couldn't see nothing but I saw my windshield cracking."

Reporter: "Why not call the cops?"

Konstantinou: "That's what I should've done. I did not do it, probably because of my mind. When you go through shock, your mind doesn't think like you normally would."

Reporter: "Do you regret not calling police or stopping to help this young lady who might have lived?"

Konstantinou: "I think I should've called the police, but when I talked to the insurance company, I thought he was going to call the police and he didn't. Then they waited until (Thursday) morning and then that's when he called the police, so I didn't even know. It was the cops that came here (Thursday) and that's how I found out that I ended up hitting a young lady."

Reporter: "You weren't under the influence of anything were you, alcohol or drugs?"

Konstantinou: "No no, I don't do drugs. I don't smoke and I don't drink. I'm clean, I'm clean, I mean they can drug test me all day long if they want."

Reporter: "You didn't know you hit a person until police told you, until the sheriff's office told you that?"

Konstantinou: "Right. When they told me that I started sweating, I just went into a shock. I feel so bad, there are no words to even explain how I feel. It’s that bad."