SARASOTA, Fla. -- Finding a house to buy is getting harder and more expensive.

According to realtor-dot-com more baby boomers and homeowners are staying put choosing to do improvements over selling.

With inventory down, home prices are up making some wonder if we're entering another bubble market.

If you’re house hunting and find one you like?

“You’ve got to act quickly. What you see today might not be on the market a month from now,” says Darla Furst a realtor with Michael Saunders & Company. Furst says while reports show nationwide inventory is at a 20 year low the market is still healthy most markets have a 4-month inventory.

Furst says, “Above 6 is no longer a seller’s market not moving as fast. Below 4 means there’s a buyer’s frenzy market that drives up rapidly rates it’s what happened in 2006.”

Furst doesn’t see a repeat of a bubble market from 10 years ago.

“I’m very confident we’re not approaching a bubble market. The main reason I feel that way is because lending leaders drove the perfect storm in the bubble market. When you have people getting loans with no documentation. Loans are much harder to get with new regulatory issues lenders are dealing with,” says Furst.

In Sarasota, lenders play a role in only a third of home sales. Furst says two-thirds of the homes sold are bought cash.

Furst says, “We have 2 million dollars houses paid cash, 4 million dollar houses paid cash.”

Compared to a year ago in July sales in Sarasota are up 5% and pending sales are up 15% while prices have jumped 6%.

Regardless of inventory, realtors say millennials are having the hardest time buying a house. Many are turning to older more established communities they can afford.

This 1960’s 17-hundred square foot home fully renovated is selling for nearly 350-thousand dollars.

“Even though they are older the property looks good the neighborhood looks good,” says Furst. She adds, “Biggest problem is they don’t have the cash to put down on a loan to afford the home.”

Furst says if you are selling price it right if not expect to wait around 60 days for a buyer.