PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. - On Thursday, deputies were called by a neighbor to the Clearwater apartment of Christopher Weimer, 61.

Weimer was found bound and gagged on the floor of his apartment in an apparent homicide.

According to the Pinellas Sheriff's office, Weimer bought crack cocaine from a homeless man, Robert Miller on the night of the twelfth.

After the purchase, Weimer supposedly asked Miller back to his apartment where they did the drugs and engaged in sex.

At some point during the night, Miller got upset and hit Weimer on the head; bound and gagged him; and robbed him.

According to the Sheriff, Weimer was still alive when Miller left the apartment at nearly 2 a.m.

Over the course of the next few days, Miller and his wife used Weimer's stolen credit cards to purchase a variety of items and sell them at area pawn shops.

Miller was picked up by Clearwater Police on the twentieth on unrelated charges, so was already in Pinellas County jail when investigators went to interview him about Wiemer's death.

Miller apparently admitted to committing the robbery and leaving the victim in the apartment.

Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said, "Wiemer died as a result of being tied up and being left on the floor and it was during the course of the robbery that he died and that's the basis of the first degree murder charge."