Gerardo Baretto has not heard from his family in Puerto Rico since 9am.

"Yeah, I'm worried because there is no communication. I don't know what's happening there. Only news and pictures and videos."

He feels confident his family is safe, however he cannot be sure until he hears from them.

Many people in his situation are using a website called The site allows people to report missing loved ones either safe or missing. Here's how it works.

Once on the homepage, choose whether to report someone safe or missing or see the lists for people already reported safe or missing.

If you're looking for someone, you'll be asked to fill out basic information like name, country and region.

Following that, the website asks for private information that will not be disclosed but will help locate the missing person. That includes information like specific location, date of birth, medical conditions and any other helpful information.

Finally, fill out your contact information to be notified if your missing friend or loved one is found.