New Port Richey, Florida -- For at least a year, perhaps longer, New Port Richey police say Michael Gabold, 41, of Hudson was posing as a veterinarian.

"He's actually doing procedures that he is not licensed or even trained to do," said Det. Greg Williams.

Police say Gabold was a veterinary technician working for the SPCA in New Port Richey -- not a full-fledged vet. In at least four cases, he treated dogs without the agency's permission by posing as a doctor wearing an SPCA uniform. Police say he even used the shelter's van to perform work at the victims' homes.

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"They used me and they've hurt me. And they hurt my dog," said Susan Piskorowski.

Piskorowski says in December Gabold told her that a lump in her dog's neck was cancer and charged her a little over $500 cash.

Within days, her dog "Sport" was euthanized.

When she called the SPCA to find out what happened to Sport's body they said they had no idea what she was talking about.

For Piskorowski, it's been heart-breaking. Sport was "perfect," she says, "he never did anything wrong ever, and I feel so bad about what was done to him."

The SPCA says it has no record of the case and does not perform such medical procedures off property.

Perry Bean, the Suncoast SPCA shelter manager, says he investigated Piskorowski's claim, confronted Gabold, and contacted New Port Richey police.

"We cannot afford to have the public questioning what it is that takes place here. We need their trust, we need their support," said Bean.

In February, Gabold was fired from his job at Suncoast SPCA. He now faces charges of scheming to defraud, practicing veterinary medicine without a license, as well as grand theft.

Detectives think Gabold had allegedly been doing this for a year or more and there are concerns there may be more victims out there. Anyone with additional information is asked to contact New Port Richey Police.

Investigators say anyone concerned about the validity of their vet's credentials can contact law enforcement or the SPCA for verification.