Brandon, Fla. -- Have you checked out the newest thing opening its doors Brandon?

It's called IFLY. An indoor skydiving experience.

If you want to give it a whirl, you can be anywhere from three to 103 years old, and have to weigh less than 300 pounds.

Winds of 160 miles per hour keep you afloat inside a 60-foot glass tube.

It’s the 26th location for IFLY, and this one becomes an addition to Brandon's booming entertainment hotspot just off Interstate 75.

The area is coming together just the way folks living in Brandon had hoped after several years of economic downturn.

“That's one of the reasons that we moved to the area about two years ago. Nice to see it expanding,” said Rod Edwards who lives in nearby Apollo Beach. “It’s getting closer to us, so we don't have to drive as far.”

IFLY is just the latest piece of the puzzle.

Already, in the same basic location, you could smack golf balls off the three-story super range at nearby Top Golf.

Or you could spend hours wandering inside Bass Pro Shop.

There's also a Dave and Busters on the way for even more fun and games.

“I just had a few people ask me recently hey, can I come over and kinda come see? So they were excited about it,” said Christine Michaels, executive director at the Brandon Chamber of Commerce. “Even outside our area, the word is spreading of what we have here now.”

Brandon already had plenty of shopping and restaurants going for it.

But local hotels are seeing dollar signs with the prospect of becoming a destination, not just a bedroom town. People spending days here, not just hours.

“I would travel to Brandon to try this out because it's really fun,” said 7-year-old Maura Edwards, stepping out of the IFLY tunnel. “But it's just a little scary.”

“I think there's an overnight market, for sure,” said Michaels. “I think people may come to visit family and find out there's a lot more to do here than they thought there was."