ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — The incident involving a little boy who broke his leg while playing at a Tampa indoor trampoline park has some parents asking about the liability waiver the child’s parents signed and if the company might still be held responsible for the boy’s injuries.

Rohom Khonsari is a personal injury attorney based in St. Petersburg. He is also the father of two little boys and say he reads every word of liability waivers often required before his kids are allowed to participate in activities.

“I know when you show up to one of these facilities your children are anxious to get in and start playing, but what is in that waiver is very important,” said Khonsari. “You need to be aware of what you’re signing away your rights for there may be items in that waiver that you’re not comfortable with. Or you don’t want to sign off on.”

Khonsari says parents should be especially aware of the language surrounding the supervision so you know ahead of time who is responsible for watching your kids and keeping them safe.

Florida is one of the states that typically enforces liability waivers, with the Florida Supreme Court ruling in favor of a business in a past case involving liability waivers.