Clearwater, Florida -- There's a push underway right now to make a dangerous and deadly Bay area intersection safer for you and your family to travel through.

Florida's Department of Transportation has discovered there are more crashes at one intersection than any other in Clearwater -- Gulf to Bay Boulevard and Belcher Road.

FDOT says there's been 153 crashes from 2009 to 2013.

Edwin Acosta isn't surprised, "It's been so bad I think that's why they built the ER around the corner. It's horrible out here. It's been like that for a long time."

10 News watched as Acosta and his wife carefully crossed the intersection with their two young children. Even with a pair of crossing guards at opposite corners crossing wasn't easy for pedestrians or drivers. In the time our news crews were at the intersection we witnessed a car crash and several drivers slamming on their brakes with their tires squealing.

Acosta says, "You know you gotta' run from one corner to another - and the lights aren't even long enough."

Signals, signage, speed and red light cameras are just a few of the many issues law enforcement, FDOT engineers, city and county staff were all busy studying at the intersection on Tuesday as they try to come up with ways to make the intersection safer. Acosta loves the idea of improvements. He says, "It needs it. It really does."

Of the 153 crashes from 2009 to 2013 FDOT says nearly half of them were rear end collisions. Others happen when drivers are trying to make left hand turns like when a car turned into a motorcycle sending the biker spinning through the air last month.

PHOTOS: Motorcyclist cartwheels through the air after being hit

Another driver, Julious Johnson, is accused of speeding through a red light at the intersection at 70 miles an hour. The chain reaction crash left Doug Carey, a crossing guard, dead. When it comes to the red light cameras police admit there's no room to park and safely pull out to catch red light violators in the act.

David Skrelunas from Florida's Department of Transportation says that's all a part of the challenge since widening the roadway isn't a good option. Skrelunas pointed to the problem saying, "Utility poles. You've got transmission lines running down Belcher here."

He says as bad as it is now, there are already some solutions in the works like a resurfacing project. He adds, "The traffic signal will be rebuilt. They're looking at improving the drainage. The ADA accessibility to some of the sidewalks will also be improved."

Those are all improvements Acosta says can't come fast enough. "It should have been done a long time ago."

Check back here at on Monday to learn more about the proposed improvements the group comes up. The moment Florida's Department of Transportation releases its report we will post it.

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