ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WTSP) – More and more people across the country are looking at their cable bills and wondering if it’s time to cut the cord but depending upon what you like to watch and what you pay for internet service, you may find cord cutting to be more expensive than bundling services with your cable provider.

“I’ve saved a lot more money, which was nice. That was my overall goal,” said Tom O’Brien, who dropped cable last year. “I watched the local channels and I watched USA and that was it, and I just felt like I was paying way too much just to watch four channels.”

And O’Brien isn’t alone.

“People are cutting the cord more frequently than ever and everyone’s kind of looking for ways to save, ways to cut back and really questioning whether cable is still relevant in their lives and can they do without it and, if they can’t, how can they save on it,” said Kelsey Sheehy Consumer Expert with NerdWallet. “It’s really important to do the math and figure out what that’s going to cost you all together when you add in everything that you want, even when you’re doing all this a la carte, and find out what your savings is going to be. You might come to find that actually cutting the cord is not the best option for you.”

“You want to find out exactly what your internet is going to cost you on its own,” added Sheehy. “Then look at: are you going to have Hulu? Are you going to have HBO Now or are you going to have Amazon Prime and Netflix? And the more things you add to that the more expense you’re going to add and so you may not actually save any money.”

Among Sheehy’s tips for lowering the cost of your TV service: call your provider and ask for a better price.

“Bartering is not in our blood, but it can actually save you a good deal just by calling your cable provider. Call them, it can sometimes be a pain waiting through customer service, but it can be worth it if you’re going to shave fifty dollars off your bill,” she said. “They have incentive to keep you because they know more and more people are leaving pay TV and cable TV, so they have incentive to keep you as a customer and you should use that to your advantage.”