Hundreds of children have died in the past 10 years from furniture falling on top of them. One child dies on average every 2 weeks.

There are industry regulations in place that if a dresser is taller than 30 inches -- it has to remain stable if 50 pounds is applied to the front of the drawer.

But we checked a piece of furniture in our producer’s home, and it did not meet those regulations.

One in your home may not either.

“The littlest amount of weight can tip over these dressers. When center gravity is shifted on these that happens with drawers, being pulled out and little weight being added this is coming right over,” says Daniel Leeds, with Full House Babyproofing.

He says there is a simple thing you can do to anchor it down and protect your child.

“You can strap these furniture straps to the dresser and then anchor it to the stud in the wall. It is very inexpensive,” says Leeds. “Most people think it can’t happen to them. But it happens on even heavy what you think is sturdy furniture. This just costs a couple of dollars and it’s a piece of mind.”

Two U.S. senators are also trying to pass a bill called, The Sturdy Act, that would allow the Consumer Product Safety Commission to adopt a stronger, mandatory stability standard for storage units.

If you think your piece of furniture may not meet industry standards, report it at

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