ST. PETERSBURG — The Senate will not vote on the Republican health care bill until after their Fourth of July recess.

You've heard a lot about the bill -- but something we don't know is what it might do for expectant mothers.

Right now, it's more risky for a mother to give birth in the United States compared to other countries like ours.

That's a scary thought. 10News spoke with one mother who almost lost her life giving birth.

When Nicole Ferrante went into labor with her third child, she almost didn't make it out alive.

“You know, they sent me home with him at 21 weeks with a partial placental tear and I hemorrhaged when I had him at 23 weeks to the point where I almost lost my life. And I needed two units of blood. So, I can't even imagine if they would've sent me … If that would've happened at home I would've died. So it's scary you know?” Ferrante said.

It was a tear in her placenta causing her to bleed out.

“They were gonna put me under for my C-section, and that was the biggest, the scariest thing for me, because that's all I kept thinking, ‘Oh my God, they're gonna put me under and I'm not gonna wake up’ ...

"I have two other children at home who need their mom, I've got one of my belly that may not make it, and I've got a fiancé who is going to be left without a fiancé, you know? So it was scary. I thought I was gonna lose my life,” Ferrante said.

She gave birth to John-Luke - just shy of two years old now - at just 23 weeks pregnant. She's one of the lucky ones.

The mortality rate for mothers giving birth in America is going up compared to other wealthy countries.

Take this information from the Institutes of Health Metrics and Evaluation. From 1990 to 2013, compared to the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, even South Korea, maternal death rates in the United States are way high.

10News called four doctors and two hospitals to try and get a medical take on why the maternal death rates are going up in the U.S. We got no response.

I've seen some reports regarding the rise of the C-sections.

There's a hodgepodge of hospital protocols for dealing with potentially fatal complications, allowing for treatable complications to become lethal.

But Ferrante says for expectant mothers, it comes down to you looking out for yourself.

“Now I'm a little bit more cautious. I definitely do my own research I make sure I understand fully what's going on because if not, you could lose your life. Period.”

This is a story we are going to continue to follow for you to get the answers from doctors who didn't want to speak about your health tonight.