POLK COUNTY, Fla. -- Sheriff Grady Judd is no stranger to addressing major issues and crimes.

Sheriff Judd and the Polk County Sheriff's Office addressed the public and the media Thursday afternoon after the tragic loss of 58 people in Las Vegas.

He sent out a previous statement which called on Congress to address guns and to act in "bi-partisan leadership."

Sheriff Judd began the press conference with, "This week, I observed a horrific act beyond words. A deranged man who was pure evil and he took the lives of innocent Americans."

Sheriff Judd has made it known that he is a proponent of the Second Amendment and supports the safe use of guns and has encouraged the citizens of the community to get their own concealed weapons permits.

"I truly believe the only thing that stops a bad man with a gun is a good man with a gun," Judd said, "Good people will protect themselves and their own communities"

He also made it known that he consulted with several people before going public with his statement, including his friends, firearm owners, staunch conservatives, and licensed gun dealers, in regards to devices that make guns operate as automatic weapons and how it should be addressed by Congress.

Judd said everyone he spoke to said there was no reason for the availability of devices that are 'manufactured, imported, or possessed, for making any firearm simulate or function as or in the manner of an automatic firearm,' according to Judd's prior statement.

"I am going to stand up to Congress and ask them to work in a unified matter to protect the people of this country. It has nothing to do with whether or not you have the right to possess a firearm. It has everything to do with devices that are specifically designed to take a normal firearm or a semi-automatic firearm and make it function as if it's a fully automatic firearm."

This is with the knowledge that there is a special license that can be obtained to operate a fully automatic weapon, which Judd seems to have no issue with.

"These are devices that have been created to usurp the current federal law, these are devices to create loopholes in the current federal law. But I caution Congress, they must not weigh this simple legislation down with a political agenda or other add-ons."

Judd continued with, "As a Sheriff of Polk County, and as a father and grandfather, I am calling on Congress to outlaw devices designed and manufactured, imported, or possessed for making any firearm simulate or function as if it's a fully automatic firearm."

Judd sends his recommendation to Congress with pre-vetted legal language to enforce the regulation. He recommends a ten-year minimum mandatory federal prison sentence for anyone that imports, designs, or manufactures these altering devices.

He also recommends a felony charge and at least one year or more sentence in federal prison for possessing such devices.

Republican Congressman Dennis Ross has offered to sponsor the legislation.

"This is simply commonsense legislation that I believe that no rational person after viewing what we've seen this week would oppose. I challenge other law enforcement leaders to write their local congressman, their local senators, let's get on board. Let's make a difference today."

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