LAKELAND, Fla. -- A man who lives in Lakeland is suing the company that developed his home and dozens of others, claiming it didn't warn neighbors of radioactive contaminants near their homes.

The neighborhoods named in the lawsuit are the Oakbridge and Grasslands developments in South Lakeland. Decades ago, the land was used for phosphate mining.

The lawsuit, filed at the U.S. District Court in Tampa, alleges Alabama-based Drummond Co. was aware of the cancer-causing contaminants as a result of the mining, but assured people who lived here there is no public health risk.

People who live there are at a higher risk of numerous cancers -- including leukemia, lymphoma and bone and thyroid cancer -- and are exposed to radiation that translates to one chest X-ray per week, the lawsuit alleges.

The suit is asking Drummond Co. for the removal all radioactive wastes, the cost of periodic medical examinations and relief for loss of property value.

10News WTSP reached out to Drummond Co., but has not heard back. We also spoke to several residents who live near the plaintiff, John Jerue, who said they're not worried about radon or other contamination on their property.