LAKEWOOD RANCH, Fla. - “It’s something small I’m able to do.”

Small to Linda Tradler, but not to her neighbors.

“It’s a huge act of patriotism,” says Nathan Bogan’s Linda’s neighbor. Nathan’s son Dylan is a 4th generation Marine like his father, grandfather and great grandfather.

“People go on with their lives do business and family country is left out it’s not left out here. Every holiday, this is what Linda does,” Bogan says.

Tradler says she puts out flags every “July 4th Independence Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day and 9/11.”

She started putting out flags in New Jersey after 9/11 and continued when she moved to Lakewood Ranch 10 years ago, and soon 40 flags grew to 400!

The flags line the streets of the Rivers subdivision in Greenbrook Village.

“Every flag you put in help remember the men and women serving now, the ones who lost their lives veterans 9/11. Every flag that goes in creates a memory, thought, emotion,” Tradler says.

The flags are spaced out one every five steps. A book on the mission that killed Osama Bin Laden helps her stake each one.

“It now has indentations used to put in all the flags,” says .

Neighbor Harry Hardy helps too.

“We want people to be proud of America," Hardy says. "Remember the veterans, the people who made it possible for us to be free. The flag is a symbol of that. Remember after 9/11, everybody put flags out. We hope people continue to be proud of our country.”

Tradler says, “The country needs to stop look around and be thankful."