HOLIDAY-- A large suspected sinkhole is concerning neighbors in Holiday, after it opened up and swallowed a drive way inside the Holiday Travel Park in Pasco County.

It happened as the couple who owns the mobile home were sitting outside. They watched as the hole caved in, taking the majority of their driveway with it.

Neighbors say it appeared a week ago, and while the couple is now staying in a hotel,little has been done to fix the massive hole.

A pile of gravel sits near the hole, untouched.

Pasco County spokesperson Doug Tobin says Pasco Fire Rescue and Emergency Management were not called to the park. A park representative says crews have been working for several days to try and fix and fill the hole.

Just across the street, in the same mobile home park two years ago, a massive sinkhole swallowed a car.

No one has been hurt in either incident.

Neighbors we talked to say they are worried this will continue to threaten their homes.

Natural sink holes are nearly impossible to prevent, and sometimes happen without any notice.

In this case, neighbors tell us engineers were drilling test holes for soil samples when this happened. Could that have caused the sinkhole? We're working to get answers to find out

So, how do you notice the first signs of a sinkhole in your neighborhood?
Check for stress marks on the pavement, you may also notice trees or home foundations slumping and sagging before the ground caves in.