The attorney for a Tampa man who is accused of disrupting a flight says his client is sorry.

Robert Flennaugh II, who is representing Joseph Hudek, said in a statement that the 23-year-old man "feels awful about what happened. He is apologetic to everyone on the aircraft."

Hudek is accused of trying to open a door in midair during a Delta flight from Seattle to Beijing. He reportedly had to be subdued by flight attendants and passengers, and was struck by two bottles of wine.

"What he did was uncharacteristic." Flennaugh said. "Flying is not new to him. He has been flying in planes since he was five. In fact, he has flown over 100 times. During those flights, he has never had an issue."

Flennaugh said during the first 24 hours of Hudek's detention, my office has received over 180 letters of support.