Dr. Jenny Mejia has been a chiropractor for 8 years.

She tells 10News WTSP, Playboy model Kate May's death should not discourage you from getting an adjustment.

“It's very rare that the vertebral arteries would have a potential tear, very rare. It could happen but the chances of it happening here locally, it's not something that you should be concerned about,” says Mejia.

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Your vertebral arteries are major arteries of the neck that supply blood to the upper part of your body.

Research from the American Chiropractic Association shows chances of tearing one happens only once in every 5.85 million adjustments.

Meija says when seeing a chiropractor, you need to be honest. Let them know all injuries you've had in the past.

“When a patient comes into an office it's very important to get a thorough exam done so that the doctor does know everything,” says Mejia.

Playboy model dies from 'neck manipulation'

Getting X-rays first can also let your chiropractor visually see, if anything is wrong. This way, if something seems out of place, the right steps can be taken.

“Car accident or you slipped and fell, that way your chiropractor can take the best care of you. If not it's going to be hard to help you,” says Mejia.

Another thing, no one knows what kind of treatment was provided to May but Mejia says it takes extreme force in order to tear the artery.

Experts say the best way to avoid it - refuse adjustments that involve rapid twisting of the neck.

Mejia also recommends that you see a doctor if the pain is severe, something the playboy model did not do.