A pastor in Riverview wants to know who spray painted hateful graffiti on his church.

Pastor Kevin Yoakum of Christ the King Lutheran Church on Big Bend Road discovered the graffiti when he came to the church with his daughter Wednesday.

The Hillsborough County Anti-Graffiti Unit was there early Thursday morning to wash away some of the graffiti and paint over the rest of it.

The graffiti on the church, parking lot and shed included swastikas and other derogatory symbols and words.

Yoakum said he and members of the congregation forgive the vandals.

"I don't want them to make any more mistakes that would ruin their lives because the consequences of this are going to come back on them if they keep this kind of stuff up," he said.

A Hillsborough County Sheriff's deputy was at the church Thursday morning, as their investigation continues. Detectives are trying to figure out if any nearby businesses caught the vandals on surveillance video. They tell us whoever committed the crime could be charged with a felony, depending on the amount of damage.