ST. PETERSBURG, FL -- The numbers are alarming. By April of this year, seven St. Petersburg teens were shot and killed.

And, hundreds have landed in jail, according to St. Pete native Lewis Stephens, Jr.

“In the summer alone, over 700 youth were being arrested. 100 to 200 youth a month were being arrested,” he said.

Now, Stephens is doing his part to help turn things around.

He plans to make a big impact right now by guaranteeing 50 jobs.

Through his non-profit, “I Support Youth,” he has set up a job fair with a local McDonald’s chain.

“We have already had 82 youth, 82 teens from all over the city of St. Petersburg, and high schools sign up to come. What will take place is they will be interviewed with an interviewer from McDonald's and we are guaranteeing that 50 jobs will be created here,” Stephens said.

“I hope that we can impact the lives on the youth in the community and let them know that through hard work you can make it,” said Chuck Jenkins, a McDonald’s GM.

The McDonald's job fair is tomorrow Monday, Oct. 17 at 6 p.m. at Parker Financial Services in south St. Pete located at 833 22nd Street South.

The dress code is professional. If you don't have the right clothes, reach out to Lewis' program "I Support Youth" and they'll provide it.