ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - With school cancelled from Hurricane Irma, and with some St. Petersburg residents still without power, children are stuck at home with little to do.

To make things worse, parents are starting to head back to work.

The local nonprofit outdoor education program, Pathfinder, is helping solve both these problems with their Hurricane Irma Kid Relief Camp.

This time of year, Pathfinder is usually busy hosting field trips but with schools closed, they saw an opportunity to help.

Pathfinder co-founder Sherry Bagley is a mother of two school-age children, so she understands what parents are going through.

"I needed something for my staff to do, parents needed the place to take their kids so we made this happen," she said.

On a first come, first serve basis they’ve been opening their doors to children for a day of games, obstacle courses and outdoor stress-relieving fun.

"Well there’s a lot of science behind [being] outside in nature and how that relieves stress and there’s also a lot of science behind a sense of community that feeling that there are people that can come together and help each other," Bagley said.

For the parents, it’s a safe place to leave their kids as they head back to work. But for kids like Isabelle, it's just nice to get outside.

"It’s nice to have fresh air and not be cooped up inside," she said.