The sweet smell of pine in the air means one thing for the Woodside family: getting to bring home a Christmas tree and continue an annual tradition

“We normally do it after Thanksgiving, that’s the time for us,” says Jayden Woodside.

“I like being able to be with my family,” says Ava Woodside.

They’re buying their trees from Plant City Church of God because all the money goes to helping children in need. Last year the church raised over $26,000.

With so many years of picking out trees, Jayden says he’s learned how to pick out the best one.

“We want to make sure it's full like this one, it's nice and we also want to make sure the bottom is straight,” says Jayden.

Many other families also had the same idea, saying goodbye to Thanksgiving and hello to Christmas.

Tree sale location:

2103 Mud Lake Road, Plant City


Hours 10am-9pm Sun-Fri

Will be open until they run out of trees.