There were mixed reactions before the election and now more than ever after Americans elected Donald Trump as President of the United States.

Many people in Hillsborough, Pinellas and the rest of the Tampa Bay counties have strong opinions on Trump, the election and the future of the U.S. but there are some who say no matter who you voted for, Americans just need to come together.

“We just have to come together and be supportive. Republicans, Democrats, third parties or whatever,” says Phil Osborn,

Another morning, another presidential election.

Waiting up all night for the results? “Of course,” says Dana Pierce.

Most of who we ran into Wednesday morning were very pleased about the our new president.

“Excited about knowing that there is going to be a change,” says Pierce.

So when you heard those results you were ecstatic? “Oh yes, oh yeah,” says Bernard Raymond.

“He's going to be the change that we need,” says Vickie Massmann.

How did you feel about it? “Surprised, late at night we thought Hillary would take it but we voted for Trump,” says Pam Kanyuh. “We don't love him as a person but we're happy.”

For others, it still hasn't sunk in.

“Couldn't believe it. Just couldn't believe it,” says a Tampa Bay resident.

However, many hoping for the best

“I'm a believer that people will come together and do the right thing no matter who is in power,” says Michael Nelson.