PORTLAND, Ore. – In a very topical gesture, a man attending Wednesday’s Portland City Council meeting approached the commissioners and handed Mayor Ted Wheeler a Pepsi.

It didn’t end like the commercial. Watch the video (starts at the 2:51 mark)

The man identified himself as Carlos Enrique, a former journalist for the Boston Herald. He said he had just recently moved to Portland and was surprised at the number of angry people at Portland City Council meetings.

In recent months, several city council meetings were delayed or shut down by protesters. Some commissioners voiced concerns about safety. 

“It made me kind of wonder, how could someone just endure people coming and berating you every week?” He said to Mayor Wheeler. “The language of the resistance has not been properly translated to you. So this is for you.”

That’s when Enrique stood up, walked up to the commissioners, reached into his pocket, and handed Wheeler a can of Pepsi. The man was quickly escorted away.

“Not a smart move. Thank you. I do appreciate it, but don’t do that again,” Wheeler said, chuckling. "If this were the Boston City Council that would have ended differently."

The gifted can of soda was a reference to the same gesture at the end of a universally panned Pepsi ad released by the soda giant Tuesday.

The ad stars model Kendall Jenner and shows her leaving a photo shoot to join a protest march, where she gives a police officer a Pepsi and seemingly creates a truce between protesters and police. Critics the world over said the ad was extremely insensitive and tone-deaf.

Pepsi apologized Wednesday and announced it was pulling the ad after widespread criticism.