BEVERLY HILLS, Florida -- A man is behind bars after a road rage incident turned deadly Thursday night in Citrus County.

Citrus Sheriff's deputies say Robert Doyle, 51, and Candelerio Gonzalez, 44, were involved in "an aggressive driving incident" in the Citrus Hills area.

Doyle drove to his home off S Desoto Street in Beverly Hills and pulled into his driveway.

Gonzalez followed him and parked his car in front of the home. Doyle approached his car while armed with a handgun and Gonzalez got out.

Police say Doyle shot Gonzalez once, then paused, and then fired another shot. He then paused again, and then fired three more shots.

Gonzalez fell to the ground as he was heading back to his car. Preliminary autopsy results showed there were three entry wounds to Gonzalez's back.

Doyle then approached Gonzalez's vehicle with his gun drawn and pointed it at Gonzalez's wife, child and grandson, and ordered them out of the car and held them at gunpoint until police arrived.

Doyle told police the whole thing started when Gonzalez tried to force him off the road and was brake checking him. He said Gonzalez followed him home and "threatened to kick his ass" which is when Doyle pulled out his gun, put a round in the chamber and pointed it at him. When Gonzalez continued to approach him, he opened fire.

Gonzalez's wife told deputies that it was Doyle who was the aggressive driver and the only reason her husband drove to Doyle's home was to obtain his address to file a complaint against his aggressive driving.

Deputies talked to an independent witness who was about 75 yards away from the shooting who said they saw Gonzalez back away from Doyle before Doyle opened fire. That witness also said that Doyle forced the family out of the vehicle.

Part 1: Citrus road rage shooting press conference

Deputies reviewed the 9-1-1 recording made by Doyle's wife and Doyle himself and said Doyle was recorded saying his "[weapon] is cocked, locked and ready to go," and that Doyle claimed that he was going to "shoot the victim in the head" once they got to his home.

Part 2: Citrus road rage shooting press conference

Deputies also heard Gonzalez's wife in the background pleading with Doyle to put away the weapon and "don't shoot" multiple times before five audible gunshots can be heard in the recording.

VIDEO: Witness 911 call in road rage shooting

Based on the evidence, deputies arrested Doyle for Second Degree Murder and three counts of Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon. He is being held without bond at the Citrus County Detention Facility. Citrus Sheriff's Captain David DeCarlo said this is not being considered a Stand Your Ground case. Authorities said Doyle did have a concealed weapons permit for his gun.

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