PARRISH, Fla. - Helen Borman wanted to be close to nature when she moved to the Ancient Oaks neighborhood.

But not this close.

“I saw a large dark mass. Huge. It’s a big snake,” she said, referring to the eight foot python captured by her two backyard cameras. “It filled this entire area completely…coiled up.”

Wildlife expert Justin Matthews believes the snake may be up to 13 feet long.

The upcoming cooler weather will increase the chances that it'll be caught within the next few days as the reptile ventures into the sun to warm up, Matthews said.

“When you’re talking about a snake that long, it can eat medium size dogs anything is in danger," he said. "Don’t want children around it. All he knows is that’s a warm-blooded animal that’s food.”

Borman has warned her neighbors about the snake, and since spotting it a few weeks ago, she typically doesn't walk her dogs along the preserve or late at night.

“If I do, I go to the pen on the other side with a flashlight and a gun,” she said.