MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. -- President Trump winning the election is a bittersweet victory for some gun store owners.

The FBI is getting fewer background checks to do it's a sign gun sales are down.

But which guns?

Inside this vault at Gun Point in Manatee County, we get a one-of-a-kind look at what’s trending in gun sales today.

“The sales that you are seeing down now are your standard black guns what the market wants are these exotic guns,” says Felex Yukhtman, owner of Gun Point.

According to the Associated Press, the FBI did 1.4 fewer background checks between December and February compared to a year earlier.

Felex says once you dissect the numbers you’ll find…

“Hand gun sales are strong,” says Felex. He says it’s the AR’s known as automatic or assault rifles that are not selling.

What does he owe the drop in sales to?

Felex says, “The scare of guns being outlawed is over. We know where our president stands and how hard he works to protect our 2nd amendment so people are not panicked. “It is mostly a political effect. You see we’re not worrying about Hillary Clinton coming in saying everything I banned, high capacity magazines are banned, AR’s are banned everybody was preparing for that.”

The market is so saturated with standard AR guns Felex says gun owners have the extra cash to buy what they want

“They’re after high-end guns, high-quality guns sometimes, when they go to the range they can say Ahhh…look at this,” says Felex.  

For some collectors---there’s no limit.

Felex sells one of the most sought after submachine guns in the world for $38,000. He says it’s a good investment because the gun costs $10,000 ten years ago.

Why pay more? 

Felex says it’s like buying a car.

He says, “It’s not only for looks, but for performance, reliability, and pride of ownership.”

Felex says he expects the sale of automatic assault rifles to level off in a year once dealers are able to sell their excess quantities.