MYAKKA CITY, Fla. - Matt Ferguson and Brandi Boyers thought they were delivering their baby at Sarasota Memorial Hospital.

Their newborn daughter, Laina, had her own plans.

“I had been having contractions night before but super far apart…minutes after laying down to bed, jumped two minutes," Boyers said. "I told him it’s time to go.”

Ferguson had the car packed and ready.

They made it to the car and even had their two-year-old daughter ready.

Then Ferguson ran back into the house for a jacket.

“I heard her screaming. I ran outside," he said. "Not fight it anymore, had to let it go, water broke.”

Brandi stepped out of the car and fell to her knees.

“I see the head crowing it’s coming no time to lay down,” he said.

They made it as far as their front lawn.

“I wanted to give up pushing but I pushed again good thing she was turning blue back there,” Boyers said.

The couple didn't wait long to see their second child.

“I caught her it was that fast 3 to 4 minutes,” Ferguson said.

He cleaned his daughter with the same jacket he ran back into the house for.

“Everything was a miracle," he said. "I feel we were watched over could have been on the road.”

Leanne, their older daughter, slept in her car seat through the ordeal.

Mom and baby are doing well at Lakewood Ranch Medical Center.