As Hurricane Matthew crawls north, preparations for its catastrophic capabilities have been underway for days in the Caribbean.

"We've been buying propane, gasoline, water, food -- any kind of supplies," said Mark Stockeland, a missionary for 17 years in Haiti. "It's beyond devastating, the people have so little to begin with."

Stockeland says the storm surge is already flooding parts of the island which is poorly prepared for any natural disaster.

"Their roofs are already leaking and they're already held together by wire and cheap nails so you can even imagine what even just 50 miles per hour and six inches of rain will do," Stockeland said.

Workers with the Haiti Bible Mission and their family have been brought to higher ground at the concrete compound as they sit, wait and pray.

"If we get what they're projecting, it's going to be bad," Stockeland said.

In Jamaica, residents are breathing a sigh of relief. While rainbands have brought some flash flooding, the island isn't in the cross hairs like it was just a couple of days ago.

"On Friday everybody was really battening down for the worst," said Christian Sale who lives in Kingston on the islands southeast side.

Sale, who graduated from the University of Tampa, says it looks like his wedding scheduled for this weekend will be able to go on.

"Don't count your eggs before they hatch but I think we'll be ok," Sale said.