10News reporter Shannon Valladolid found out that the Salvation Army has seen an increase in people using the facility.

They have seen many people from the Seminole Heights community seek shelter at the Salvation Army.

Captin Andy Miller told me that people are not wanting to be on the streets right now.

In the past month, the Salvation Army says they've seen an influx of people, which is rare during this time of year when the weather isn't bad.

They're attributing that to the recent murders in the area.

The Salvation Army is adapting to the needs of the Seminole Heights community.

Their emergency shelter is on North Florida Avenue, which is an hour walk from the area, but they have a worship and service center on Sligh Avenue, which is 30 minutes --a little closer.

Now, they're not able to house anyone at the worship center, but they can provide transportation to the main shelter.

They've always done this, but because we asked the questions, they will be promoting this on social media so people are aware.

For the past month, they've been at capacity or near capacity- but again, they tell me they will always make room for those in need no matter what.

The Salvation Army is the only emergency shelter in the area for single men, women, and veterans.

I also reached out to metropolitan ministries, they're about a 45-minute walk from the area. They haven't seen an increase of people from this area going there like Salvation Army has.

Again, if you need a place to stay or need food, the worship and service center located at 1101 Sleigh Avenue will help you get to the main emergency shelter on Florida Avenue.

They're open Monday -Friday 9-5 pm, but on Monday's - Wednesday's, they're open at night. On Sunday's, they're open all day.