It's been a rough couple of weeks for United Airlines and somehow the hits just keep on coming.

After video of a United Airlines passenger being violently removed from a plane, all eyes have been on the company.

The Department of Transportation's Air Travel consumer reports showed United had the most pet deaths than any other airline for 2016.

The Department of Transportation's Air Travel consumer reports

A total of 9 pets died and 14 were injured were reported.

Most of the animal deaths appeared to be dogs, except for a Sphynx cat.

It’s important to note that some of those pets died from natural causes and some of the injuries were self-inflicted.

Delta reported five pet deaths and five injuries for 2016, while American reported four death and one injury.

United Redacted Documents

United also earned that unfortunate distinction in 2015. The airline reported 14 deaths and 9 injuries.

Travelers like Suzanne Shanks says forget the PR nightmare, if the airline has cheap tickets then count her in.

“I'm telling you if they had the right price I would get on that plane,” says Shanks.

Jim Rog doesn’t fly United much but backs the airline with having the right to remove a passenger. However, from a PR standpoint, Rog says United needs some work.

“That was well overboard and caught on camera, there is no way to back off it,” says Rog.

Mother Lindsey Ochoa says she would still fly United despite the negative PR.

“Don't fight back. You must know all the policies and everything but then to be treated like that. I wouldn't accept that,” says Ochoa.

It seems the airline is doing something about all this PR mess. The company is hiring two Managers for Brand Public Relations but of course, that also comes with some negative headlines.

United is already changing some policies after last week's dragging incident.

In the future, they say crew members must get their seats at least an hour before take-off.