New details in the Hillsborough County kidnapping that captured the Bay area’s attention. Sheriff David Gee says tips from the public helped rescue a FishHawk mother of five from her estranged husband.

Records reveal Trevor and Alisa Summers have had a rocky relationship.

Alisa Summer's mother, Donna Waryga, and divorce attorney, Steven Glaros, both tell 10News that the 37-year-old did everything she could to try to protect herself from her estranged husband. She filed a domestic violence injunction and reached out to deputies for help after she claims Trevor Summers held her captive in February for a few hours.

This time Summers’ mom says the terror lasted two days.

“She's doing good," Waryga said. "She's alive, and we're going to get through all of this."

Waryga said her daughter just went through hell for 57 hours. Investigators believe her estranged husband, Trevor Summers, manipulated their 14-year-old daughter into leaving a window open at her mom’s house.

Sheriff David Gee said Trevor Summers told the teen to take his car and leave with her four younger siblings, while he slipped into the home.

The victim’s mom tells 10News that Trevor Summers snatched her daughter from her bed.

“She's a super, super, super strong woman, and that's one thing that the sheriff kept saying, I can't believe how strong she is,” Waryga said.

Alisa tells investigators that Trevor stopped to pick up something up at a Walgreens, 5605 Fishhawk Crossing Blvd., where she tried to escape. A witness spotted him struggling to get her back in the car and called deputies with a license plate number.

That call may have saved her life. Alisa said Trevor dumped their phones and stayed overnight in the SUV in a wooded area of South Hillsborough County. Monday morning, another person reported seeing the Saturn parked at Little Harbor Resort in Ruskin. Investigators closed in on the accused kidnapper and victim in a nearby carport.

“The public paying attention to these alerts helped us out, no question about that 100 percent,” Hillsborough County Sheriff David Gee told the media Monday.

Trevor Summers remains hospitalized with what the sheriff says appears to be a self-inflicted knife slash to his neck.

Records show the 39-year-old's life has been unraveling since September when he pleaded guilty to federal wire fraud charges. He was set to be sentenced on Wednesday in Pennsylvania.

Hillsborough County court records show that Alisa asked the court for a protective order in October, filed for divorce in December, and both got a domestic violence injunction against the other in February. Alisa claims Trevor held her hostage at knife point and she begged him to let her go. The sheriff’s office says the couple had conflicting stories, so no arrests were made.

After surviving the kidnapping, there's finally some relief to Alisa’s fears.

“She can't believe she survived. She says, ‘Mom, I just have the will. I was not going to let anything happen to me,’” Waryga said.

Deputies expect to transfer Trevor Summers from the hospital to jail on Tuesday. Right now, he's facing charges for kidnapping, stealing Alisa Summers’ car, and violating the domestic violence injunction.