Update as of July 23, 2017: NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. -- After two months of rehabilitation, a mother manatee and her calf has been released back into their natural habitat.

The mother and calf have been given the names Pascow and Cotee. The pair was released into the Pithlachascotee River Thursday.

The mother was originally discovered with serious injuries to her tail believed to be inflicted by a boat propeller. The team at Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo were able to nurse her back into health, where they insured she would make a full recovery before her release.

"It's amazing how resilient these guys are," said Dr. Lauren Smith, an associate veterinarian with the zoo.

For more on the release, read the Tampa Bay Times article.

Original story as of May 11, 2017: NEW PORT RICHEY — An mother and a calf manatee were evacuated from a canal on Wednesday after repairs to a culvert cut off their access to the Pithlachascotee River.

The manatees were taken to Lowry Park Zoo for rehab and eventual release back into the wild.

The manatees became stuck in the canals of Harbor View Mobile Manor in New Port Richey last week after city workers repaired a culvert leading to the Pithlachascotee River, cutting off their only exit. Wildlife workers had to coral the animals to a corner of the canal where they captured them with a net.

The monthsold calf was in good condition, but the mother had a badly scarred tail from what conservation experts believe was a run-in with a boat propeller.