Tampa, Fla. - “I was 100% shocked. I was mad. I felt as a parent, I had failed,” says Lisa Kohlhagen, parent.

Lisa Kohlhagen’s emotions started to boil last week when her daughter claimed she had to sit on the floor of the van belonging to her child’s after school program.

“We called the school, her tae kwon do school program,” says Kohlhagen.

She says from there she started calling multiple government agencies to find out who regulates her daughter's tae kwon do afterschool program. That’s when she says she was shocked.

“We contacted Office of Professional Regulations and they told us they were not regulated. Then went to childcare licensing thought maybe licensed like daycare and told us no one regulates them,” says Kohlhagen.

We started calling around too. And emailing and we were shocked to get the same response.

This from the Department of Agriculture: “We don’t regulate afterschool programs for dance, martial arts, etc. But we can provide information mediation.

And then there’s this from the Department of Child and Families: Programs that provide only activities that are strictly instructional or tutorial in nature, such as martial arts, for school-aged children may not be required to be licensed as child care providers if they meet specific criteria but Afterschool programs must meet background screening requirements per statute and administrative code.

“We are not regulated,” says Nenad Onerovic, owner of Traditional Tae Kwon Do in Tampa.

Traditional Tae Kwon Do is the after school program Kohlhagen’s daughter attended.

He says he’s a father himself. While their business is not regulated, that’s not his fault. He follows the guidelines. He says him and his wife are the only ones that drive the kids from school and no child has ever sat on the floor.

“This is our main goal to make sure kids are safe,” says Onerovic.

For Kohlhagen, she’s shocked certain afterschool programs aren’t regulated and until they are

“She won't go to after school program. She’ll go to day care,” says Kohlhagen.

And while they are not regulated, we did dig into Traditional Tae Kwan Do’s Licensing history, and according to the Better Business Bureau they have an A rating and just 2 complaints since 2008.