CLEARWATER - What would you do if a hospital charged you to hold your baby after birth? A father took to Reddit after getting billed $39.35 for “skin to skin contact” with his newborn after his wife had a C-section.

Many of you took to social media sharing your stories of outrageous healthcare bills. One viewer’s comment stood out to you and 10News.

Sandee Taylor wrote, “When my son died they charged for the compressions used to attempt to resuscitate him.”

Taylor talked with 10News about getting that bill in the mail and seeing the word 'compressions' singled out.

“I obsessed about how many pumps, how many times did they compress in order to attempt to save his life?” said Taylor.

Her 19-year-old son Christopher Moss died Jan. 13, 2014. His drug use led to his death.

“My son died of sepsis. It turned into septic shock, which caused his organs to shut down and within hours caused his death,” she explained.

Within days of his death she says medical bills addressed to Christopher started to come in the mail to their home. She opened each and contacted the doctors, ambulance service provider and Mease Countryside Hospital to let them know that he was dead and could not pay.

“Then I received the greatest bill of all. I received a bill separate from everything else for $978 for compressions,” she said.

In the two years since her son’s death, Taylor has thrown out that bill and other medical bills sent to her house in his name. She says that was for her sanity. She did show 10News the Emergency Department Report from Mease Countryside Hospital showing CPR was performed.

BayCare Health System representatives could not discuss details of this case or billing because of privacy laws. They could not tell us whether its hospitals or doctors bill per compression.

Sandee admits she never asked the billing company how they got to $978 and at this point doesn’t want to know. She says seeing the father’s post on Reddit just brought back memories.

“It’s outrageous that that gentleman had to see that in their billing and that I had to see the number of compressions charged,” she said.

She thinks health care providers need to consider families when they send itemized bills because that can add insult to both joyous and devastating occasions.

BayCare Health System representatives say you should contact them directly with billing issues. In a statement they wrote, “We are committed to working with patients who have questions about their bills or who struggle to pay them.

"If they contact us, we can address any concerns they may have and help link them with resources including local, state, and federal health care assistance programs.”